Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clue to the flu

An excerpt from the hearing of a case in supreme court of the heavens
Public prosecutor - A lot of humans are dying and a lot more are expected to die because of this. Can you please justify your actions regarding this?

Nature - My Lord, humans have gone out of control. They are exploiting rest of the design for their own greed and in the process destroying the fine balance that I have to maintain all the time. They are digging holes, burning my invigorating juices, cutting trees, burning them, choking me, throwing their wastes everywhere, multiplying at an alarming rate, making other species extinct. My Lord, they are taking your creation towards complete destruction.

Public prosecutor - Yes yes, we have heard that before. But you have been retaliating in other ways like floods, cyclones, earthquakes etc. But why swine flu? Why hit below the belt?

Nature - My Lord, all those have always just been more of a caution message to humans. But the humans have not understood. And moreover innocent animals and birds also have been dying in these messages. But this time its not a message. Its a cleanup job. I plan to clean up a good percentage of humans from the surface of earth.

Public prosecutor - But that will be too large a number.

Nature - It may seem so for now. But my Lord would know the design he has created better than any of us. The humans would use their intelligence and find a way out of this soon. So it may not be a very large number as we may find out later. But yes our aim is to clean up as many as possible.

Public prosecutor - But you can not run on assumptions like....

God as the judge - I am sorry for interrupting, but it looks like the situation on earth has gone out of control. Such actions like swine flu also may not be enough. Would you consider a complete annihilation madam, if I may say so?


  1. put some of your works....nice to see in blogworld.

  2. It is true.. Mother Nature will fight back at some point for all the reckless living of its inhabitants. If even God the Judge will give up on the human race, there will be nothing left for mankind.

    Hi. I'm Silver ;)(Reflections)

  3. so true!

  4. So you write too? V well written. ...Kasturi

    I also write satire on and off